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State Meeting 2009 Aug 27

Vermont Gymnastics Meet Calendar 2009 / 2010
2009 Oct 24 - 25Halloween InvLe Studio
2009 Nov 14Non sanctionedNorthern Lights
2009 Nov 15Fall Meet. Level 4 - 10 & Prep OptNorthern Lights Gymnastics
2009 Nov 22Royal Inv. Level 4 - 10 & Prep OptRegal Gymnastics Academy
2009 Dec 05Non sanctionedLe Studio
2009 Dec 06Meet at Le Studio. Level 4 - 10 & Prep OptLe Studio
2009 Dec 13Sectional # 1Woodman
2010 Jan 23 - 24Green Mountain Inv. Level 4 - 10 & Prep Opt???
2010 Feb 07Sectional # 2Regal Gymnastics Academy
2010 Feb 14I Love Vermont. Level 4 - 10 & Prep OptChamplain Valley Gymnastics
2010 Feb 28Groovin Classic. Level 4 - 10 & Prep OptNorthern Lights Gymnastics
2010 Mar 07Sectional # 3Northern Lights Gymnastics
2010 Mar 13Non sanctionedWoodman
2010 Mar 14Hip Hop. Level 4 - 10 & Prep OptWoodman
2010 Mar 20 - 21State Meet. Level 4 - 10 & Prep Opt???
2010 Apr 09 - 11Level 9/10 Regionals
2010 Apr 23 - 24Level 8 Regionals
2010 April 30 - May 2Level 9 East/West Nationals
2010 May 07 - 08Level 10 Nationals

Qualifying Scores & Age groups for season 2009/2010

 ◊ Prep Optional will continue to be in the state meet this year
 ◊ Age groups - 8-10, 11/12, 13/14, 15-18, 19+
 ◊ Qualifying score - 29.0 to states, Event specialist qualifying score 7.25

LevelAge DivisionsTo SectionalTo StateTo RegionalsTo Exit
46 & 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11, 12+
Will be allowed to go to sectionals if they want to
57/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13+29.0031.00 N/A31.00 AA at Level 5
68-10, 11/12, 13+29.0031.00N/A31.00 AA at Level 6
78-10, 11/12, 13/14, 15+N/A31.00
Event qualifying score is 8.00
N/A31.00 AA at Level 7
88-11, 12, 13/14, 15+N/A31.00
Event qualifying score is 8.00
34.00 AA at Level 8
9Determined laterN/A32.00
Event qualifying score is 8.25
34.00 AA at Level 9
10Determined laterN/A32.00
Event qualifying score is 8.25

  My normal email is
  Please use    for any immediate needs - I get it on my phone. I don't usually check my email after 3pm on Fridays.
My cell is 603 252 6075

Green Mountain Inv.
Theme will be Hollywood
All clubs are also required to supply workers for both meets.
- All score flashers are required to be adults. A list of workers must be given to Jill at warm up of your session to be posted. Workers for the meet must report before March In. Timers for beam will be hired for states and will be judges if possible at GM. I will give actual meet assignments at a later date. We are still looking for a site near Burlington. I will let you know asap.

Set up and clean up for the GM inv and state meet requires a minimum of 15 adult helpers. This year I will split the clubs by region for set up and clean up of the meets.
  • GM Inv held at - ...
    Champlain Valley, Green Mountain and Regal are required to get parents to help with set up and clean up.
  • All clubs are required to donate or get donations for the concession stand - more info will come as to what items we need. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • State Meet at ...
    North Stars, Northern Lights, Le Studio, Brattleboro and Woodman are required to get parents to help with set up and clean up.

  • All vermont coaches and judges are asked to help with set up and clean up on both meets if available

    Format for the GM Inv will be the same as last year and state meet will be traditional warm up/compete format

    Meet Directors
    A few reminders for setting up meets:
    - you must list equipment including vault runway on all meet info
    - you must get a sanction from the usag office
    - you must send in $1 per athlete to USAG Region 6 for every meet you host.
    - you must send a copy of the sanction to USAG office, Regions 6 and to the State administrative committee chairman. You must also send a copy of your meet results to the SACC.
    - all coaches must have their Membership card displayed at all times during a meet
    - there is a dress code for all coaches - Acceptable: club warm up suite, khaki
    Pants, collared shirt, athletic shoes. Unacceptable: blue jeans, tank tops, and midriff shirts

    Please apply early(at least 3 weeks before your expiration) for renewal of your USAG membership - a background check is now required and will take longer to process - you will not be renewed until the background check is complete.

    The max for fees for local meets is $35 for comp and $40 for opt. In house invitational meets (or theme meets) must not exceed $50 for comp and $55 for opt. All theme meets must have a 2-judge panel for levels 5 - 10, you can use a 1 judge panel for level 4 and prep opt. All meet directors must submit a write up to the State Committee Chairman for approval of all theme meets. If you do not hear from me then you are approved. The usag milage is now 55 cents.

    For all state run competitions (sectionals, gmi and states) an achievement ribbon will be given for each event and all around no matter how low the score is for level 4 & 5.
    State meet will still have small medals for event places below 3rd
    State meet awards will now include all teams Level 4 & 5 being called to the awards stand to receive their achievement awards and certificate. A participation medal will be given to each athlete in the meet instead of a gift.

    Pro Score has been designated the score system for all Vermont meets. It makes score tracking a lot easier. You must send a copy of your scores from any meet to Jill G Vanderpot so the scores can be tracked. An electronic version must be sent directly to Jill also.

    It has been recommended that all clubs attend at least 2 sectionals with their gymnasts.

    New regional Policy - all regional athletes will be required to give a $200 deposit for regionals at the end of the State competition. After the regional competition, when it is proven you have attended the competition, you will get a refund excluding the meet fee. This can be a club check or a family check - all checks will be deposited. This is an effort to cut down on no shows at regionals.

    Board Members and their duties
    ◊ Brattleboro - Lorraine Cote - meet volunteer organizer
    ◊ Champlain Valley - Mary Clifton - publicity
    ◊ Le Studio - Kathy St Pierre - state and gm pre meet info organizer
    ◊ Northern Lights - Jill G Vanderpot - SACC and score tracker
    ◊ North Stars - Nat Goodale - education
    ◊ Green Mountain - Robin Bourdeau - web site
    ◊ Regal Gymnastics - Erika Reeves - Regional Recognition Director
    ◊ Woodman Athletics - Blake Woodman - Award Voting Director
    ◊ Judges Rep - Gail McGann - R&P expert
    ◊ MaryLou Smith - CPE

    All forms are available online - if you would like an actual R&P book you must call the USAG office to verify your address.

    It has been requested by several members in the state that no soliciting information be handed out at any neutral site state run functions by non seasonal programs.

    Thanks for your input and help - I look forward to a great year!!!!!

    Important Things to Know for this Season

    Jo Survey is posted online - fill it out to have input for the next cycle compulsory routines. They will be finalized in November.

    Level 4 Warm up time is now 45 seconds

    Do not publish birthdates on any pre or post meet info

    All 2nd 4 inch landing mats for bars, beam and vault must be the same width as the bottom mat.

    All vault hand placement mats must be used with the Velcro side down

    All large release skills on bars performed on low bar will be 1 value lower than on high bar - this does not include cut catch or handstand hop

    Please review the new rules and code of points for optionals. Take note of new bar casting deductions, vault chart for each level, only dance C at level 8 except for bars, no C's in level 7 except bars, only 1 D or E in level 9, new dance series for floor, new skill values on beam, new series clarification on beam, new values on floor, new deductions for all events and many others.

    USA GYMNASTICS UNIVERSITY - is on the rise - New business college courses online - Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction Level 1 is online and reasonable

    Universal Sports from NBC is giving more gymnastics coverage - online and on TV

    Coming soon - Participant Welfare Policy
    Define physical and sexual abuse
    Promotes standards of behavior
    Recommendations for clubs

    USAG is taking action and helping NCAA gymnastics programs in jeopardy to fundraise to keep their varsity programs.
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