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Updates 2014

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2014 Dec 20 2015 Royal meet time were updated
2014 Dec 17 Cobra Sanctioned meet 2015 Jan 25
      11:00 am - Xcel Bronze through Platinum
      02:00 pm - JO meet Levels 2-6
      Registration Deadline January 17th. More info: 802-772-7011 or
2014 Dec 14 Sectional 1 Session 1 & 2 Results are posted
2014 Dec 3 Sectional meet Nr. 1 at Sunrise Gymnastics Sunday Dec 14
Session 1
Champlain Valley
NLG(2 squads)
Sunrise level 3

08:30 am - open stretch
08:45 am - timed warm up
09:00 am - march in
11:45 am - awards

Session 2
Central VT (2 squads)
Sunrise level 4,5

12:45 pm - open stretch
01:00 pm - timed warm up
01:15 pm - march in
03:45 pm - awards

  • Both meets are warm up/compete format
2014 Nov 23 Harvest Classic Results are posted
2014 Nov 17 Annie Heffernon, USA Gymnastics Women’s JO Program Director:
Just to be clear:
  1. Effective 2015: Top 7 athletes in each age division will qualify to Level 9 East/West Championships.
  2. Effective 2016: The JO NIT will be eliminated and there will be 12 age divisions at JO Nationals with three days of competition.
Please check the minutes for the official motions

In addition, there have been a few updates to the R&P this week – mainly the updated meet format charts on pages 61 and 97. Please note that we added a column for combined JO and Xcel sessions. This has been updated online as well.
2014 Oct 28 Updated Judges Assignment for 2014/2015 meets
2014 Oct 28 Information about 2015 Green Mountain Invitational
2014 Oct 28 Times for Harvest Classic Meet
2014 Oct 20 Information about 2015 Hip Hop Classic
2014 Oct 14 Judges Assignments for 2014/2015 meets
2014 Oct 10 Information about Candy Land Meet
2014 Oct 2 Changes to our meet calendar:
  • Green Mountain Inv and Sectional 3 will now be held on March 7 & 8
  • State Meet will now be held on March 21 & 22
2014 Oct 2 Information about 10th Royal Meet       Registration
2014 Sep 22 Information about Harvest Classic meet at Northern Lights Gymnastics
2014 Sep 19 NAWGJ-CT offers an XCEL Clinic for Officials and Coaches.
2014 Sep 12 State meeting August 4th
Celebrate National Gymnastics Day with USA Gymnastics
Mark your calendar for the 16th annual National Gymnastics Day taking place September 20, 2014. Click to learn more

2014 July 3 NAWGJ Vermont Summer 2014 Newsletter
2014 June 4 NAWGJ Vermont June 2014 Newsletter

SAFETY COURSE Friday June 20th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm:

For those in need or re-certifying or those that have new coaches, the course will be given on Friday, June 20th at Dunkley’s Camp on 35 Kibbe Farm Rd, South Hero, Vermont. I have 15 registered to date. Download the form and fax it in. Onsight registrations are accepted but plan on being there much longer to handle all the paperwork, so my suggestion is: Fax it in now.
2014 May 3 Maci Prescott from Le Studio Level 9 Vault Eastern Champion. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Maci Prescott from Le Studio who placed 1st on Vault at level 9 Easterns in the Sr 2 age group with a 9.600. Well done!
2014 April 26 Katherine Reeves - Regional All Around Champion Level 7. Congratulations!

Gymnasts from Vermont level 7 & 8 Regionals

Katherine Reeves (Regal) - 1st All Around & Vault, 4th Floor
Delaney Miller-Bottoms (Regal) - 2nd Vault and 3th Beam
Janie Hawthorne (Woodman’s) - 2nd Bars and 4th Vault
Lily Martin (GMG) - 2nd Vault
Allison Green (Regal) - 4th Beam
Destiny Donahue (NLG) - 4th Beam Level 8 super team 15+ age group
Brianna Worcester (Le Studio) - 4th Vault 15+ super team level 8
Mariah Adam (GMG) - 6th Bars 15+ team

2014 April 22 Congratulations to

Le Studio Gymnastics and Dance

for being the VT JO Club of the Year
2014 April 15 Max Heide Regional Champion All Around in level 6. Congratulations!

The Vermont Gymnastics level 6 boys had a successful and rewarding competition at the 2014 Regional Championships in Braintree, MA on April 12-13, 2014. Max Heide and Evan Trombley brought to Vermont 5 medals, and overall placed very high, making it an historical success for Vermont men’s Gymnastics. Max Heide won 4 medals in age division 9-10 years old: gold All Around (65.500), silver on Floor (11.400), silver on Vault (10.600), and bronze on High Bar (11.000).
Evan Trombley finished 4th All Around in age division 11-years and older with a personal best score of 66.00 points! He tied for 1st on floor (12.000).
Representing Vermont in the L5 division were boys from both Kingdom Gymnastics Myles Thornton-Sherman and from Kai Battaile and John Hoza-Frederick. These 3 young men proudly represented Vermont men’s gymnastics at a Regional Championships for the first time, and did a very good job. Coach Stefan Hruska commented that it was a great Championship and a great experience for all of the boys.
Congratulations boys!
2014 April 13 Maci Prescott is level 9 Regional Champion on Vault. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Maci Prescott from Le Studio Gymnastics and Dance - regional vault champion, third on floor and Eastern National qualifier!!!
2014 Mar 30 Vermont State Meet Results are posted
2014 Mar 24 Boys Vermont Gymnastics Championships Results are posted
2014 Mar 19

State Meet Schedule

Saturday March 29
Session 1
Xcel Silver

10:30 am Open stretch
10:50 am March in
12:30 pm Awards

Session 2
Xcel Gold, Platinum, Diamond

1:15 pm Open stretch
1:30 pm March in
4:00 pm Awards

Session 3
Level 6 - 9

5:00 pm Open stretch
5:20 pm March in
8:30 pm Awards

Sunday March 30
Session 4
Level 3

08:00 am Open stretch
08:20 am March in
10:45 am Awards

Session 5
Level 4

11:45 am Open stretch
12:00 am March in
02:15 pm Awards

Session 6
Level 5

3:15 pm Open stretch
3:30 pm March in
5:15 pm Awards

2014 Mar 01 Green Mountain Invitational Meet Results are posted
2014 Mar 01 Hip Hop Classic Results are posted
2014 Feb 26

Green Mountain Invitational Meet

Saturday March 15
Session 1
Level 8 & 9(GMG 2 squads)

08:00 am Open stretch
08:15 am Timed warm up
08:30 am March in
10:10 am Awards

Session 2
Level 6 & 7

10:45 am Open stretch
11:00 am Timed warm up
11:30 am March in
02:00 pm Awards

Session 3
Xcel Bronze and Siver

02:30 pm Open stretch
02:45 pm Timed warm up
02:55 pm March in
05:00 pm Awards

Session 4
Xcel Gold, Platinum, Diamond

05:30 pm Open stretch
05:15 pm Timed warm up
06:05 pm March in
09:30 pm Awards

Sunday March 16
Session 5
Level 3 Woodman, Brentwood, Central VT, Champlain

08:00 am Open stretch
08:15 am Timed warm up
08:30 am March in
10:45 am Awards

Session 6
Level 3 GMG, Regal, NLG, Sunrise, Head Over Heels

11:15 am Open stretch
11:30 am Timed warm up
11:40 am March in
12:45 pm Awards

Session 7
Level 4

01:30 pm Open stretch
01:45 pm Timed warm up
02:05 pm March in
04:45 pm Awards

Session 8
Level 5

05:30 pm Open stretch
05:45 pm Timed warm up
05:55 pm March in
07:20 pm Awards

All meets are warm up / compete format
2014 Feb 10 I Love Vermont at CVG Results are posted
2014 Feb 19
National Congress Early Bird Pricing Ends March 1st!

2014 Feb 11

Safety and Risk Management course on Friday, June 20th.

Ruth Dunkley McGowan would like to host a Safety and Risk Management course on Friday, June 20th.
As in the past, for me to schedule a course there must be a minimum number of participants, many must be new members taking the course for the first time.
Anyone needing to renew (within 1 year of your date) or any potential new people please download the form: go to click on women and then on the left click on forms: scroll to find registration for safety and risk management U101. Print
Next: fill out the form (yes, even if you are renewing, no fee for renewals if not expired) and send it to me by March 15th. I want to know how many we will have for me to request a course. Do not delay.

Send to : Gail McCann P.O. Box 631 Bomoseen, VT 05732
2014 Feb 10 Sectional Meet 2 at Le Studio Results are posted
2014 Jan 30

Sectional 2 Sunday February 9th at Le Studio

Session 1
Regal (2 squads), LeStudio Xcel, Brattleboro, NLG Xcel, Head over Heels

08:00 am open stretch
08:15 am timed warm up
08:30 am march in
10:45 am awards
Session 2
Le studio Comp, Sunrise, Kingdom, Central VT, GMG,

11:30 am open stretch
11:45 pm timed warm up
12:00 pm march in
3:45 pm awards
Session 3
NLG Comp,
Woodman (2 squads)

4:30 pm open stretch
4:45 pm timed warm up
5:00 pm march in
7:45 pm awards
All meets are warm up / compete format
2014 Jan 25 9th Annual Royal Classic Meet Results are posted
2014 Jan 24 2013-2017 Xcel Code of Points Errata
2014 Jan 23 Evan Trombley of Green Mountain Gymnastics takes gold medal on pommel horse and bronze on floor at the 23rd Annual 2014 West Point Gymnastics Open UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY
Evan Trombley of Green Mountain Gymnastics had a successful and rewarding competition at the 23rd Annual 2014 West Point Gymnastics Open in West Point, NY on Jan. 19, 2014. In the 11+ age division, Evan won (in a very difficult boys gymnastics competition) a gold medal on pommel horse (11.9 points) and bronze on floor (10.7 points) and placed 7th all around (57.9).

2014 Jan 22 Winter Worderland Results are posted
2014 Jan 12 Groovin Classic & Sectional Meet Nr 1 Results are posted
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