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2017 Nov 19 Results from Harvest Classic
2017 Nov 7

USA Gymnastics names Kerry J. Perry as new president and CEO

As Chairman of the Board of USA Gymnastics, I want you to know how much we appreciate your support of our organization. For the past several months the Search Committee has engaged in an active nationwide search for qualified candidates to assume the role as president and CEO of USA Gymnastics. We wanted to share that the Board unanimously made the decision to appoint Ms. Kerry J. Perry to this role, beginning December 1.

  Born in Indianapolis and a lifelong fan of the sport, Ms. Perry is a passionate and energetic leader who formerly led business development at Learfield Communications, Inc. Prior to that, she was president and owner of KP Sports, a marketing and multi-media company that managed sponsorship rights for university and conference partners at all levels.

We are thrilled to bring Ms. Perry on board and we believe her commitment to athlete safety and dedication to creating a culture of empowerment will do well to lead our organization into the future.

Paul Parilla
USA Gymnastics Chairman
2017 Oct 27 Harvest Classic 2017
Northern Lights Gymnastics

Saturday November 18
Session 1
Bronze and Level 3 from Gem Starz and Green Mountain

  8:00 am - Open stretch
  8:15 am - March in
10:00 am - Awards
Session 2
Xcel Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

10:45 am - Open stretch
11:00 am - March in
  1:15 pm - Awards
Session 3
Level 6

2:00 pm - Open stretch
2:15 pm - March in
4:45 pm - Awards
Session 4
Level 7-9

5:30 pm - Open stretch
5:45 pm - March in
7:45 pm - Awards

Sunday October 19
Session 5
Level 3

  8:00 am - Open stretch
  8:15 am - March in
10:45 am - Awards
Session 6
Level 4

11:30 am - Open stretch
11:45 am - March in
  2:00 pm - Awards
Session 7
Level 5

2:30 pm - Open stretch
2:45 pm - March in
4:00 pm - Awards
2017 Oct 24 Results from Candy Corn Classic are posted
2017 Oct 3 Age group level 9 and 10           Level 9 JR       Level 9 SR       Level 10      
2017 Sep 21 State meeting 2017
2017 Sep 6
USA Gymnastics supports GAT’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

    USA Gymnastics supports the the Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT) Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which GAT established to help gym owners hit hard by Hurricane Harvey with their efforts to rebuild, refurbish, clean and recover. Many clubs are at or near a total loss. The fund will provide assistance not only for clubs in South and Southeast Texas, but also in Louisiana and other areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
    "Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people and communities who have been and continue to be impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath," said Ron Galimore, chief operating officer of USA Gymnastics. "USA Gymnastics is proud to support GAT’s relief initiative, and having one central point for channeling the gymnastics community’s effort to help its beleaguered brethren is an ideal approach. We appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity of those who can contribute to the relief fund, whether it is large or small."
    "It is with great appreciation that we receive the notes and prayers the community has sent to us directly and through USA Gymnastics,&qyuot; said James Jeffers, chairman of Gymnastics Association of Texas. "It is truly inspirational to those of us who are on the ground and dealing with the realities of the situation. We realized the importance of an effort to assist our clubs in moving forward, and we thank USA Gymnastics for its immediate and steadfast ongoing support of our gyms and people in need here in Texas and the other areas impacted by the storm."
    Donations to the GAT Hurricane Relief Fund may be made via the association’s website and/orFacebook page. GAT is a 501(c)(3) corporation.
    Information for gym clubs about how and where to apply and the process and the criteria for awarding assistance will be posted on the GAT website.
    "Experience has shown just how much our gymnastics community can do when working together for the benefit of our sport, athletes and clubs," said Jeffers. "Thanks to everyone for whatever support you can provide to help us through the difficult days, weeks and months to come."
    The Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT) exists to serve the gymnastics club owners, coaches and judges by providing the most up-to-date training, teaching, business and early childhood development practices available. Through an annual convention, GAT serves not only the great State of Texas, but also the entire United States by being a go-to source for everything gymnastics, both recreational and competitive.
2017 Aug 2 The Xcel Code of Points replacement pages for 2017-2018 are posted online

Xcel Code of Points Revised July 2017
2017 July 15 MaryLou Smith put together updates for Xcel

Changes March     Update May     Changes or clarifications     Additional bars skills     Committee May 9    
2017 July 14 Girls from Regal succeeded at Regional Championships
Ashley Poulin, Level 8, ALL AROUND CHAMPION
  • Ashley Poulin
        Level 8, ALL AROUND CHAMPION,
        Vault 2nd, Bars 1st, Beam 3rd, Floor 1st

  • Mira Woodside
        Level 7, Vault 2nd, Bars 3rd
  • Ellie Quintin
        Level 7, Vault 2nd
  • Kathryn Cox
        Level 7, Bars 3rd, All Around 3rd

  • Erin Rusnock
        Xcel Gold, Vault 1st, Floor 2nd
  • Ella Lesny
        Xcel Gold, Vault 1st, 2nd Bars, 2nd All Around

  • Ivy Buck
        Xcel Silver, Vault 1st
  • Kayla Meegan
        Xcel Silver, Beam 3rd
2017 July 6 USA Gymnastics Region 6 Summer Newsletter
2017 June 15 All Women’s Program Minutes from the May meetings are now approved and posted on the
USA Gymnastics web site
2017 June 8 Tentative competition calendar 2019 (2019 not this season 2018!)
  • March 8-10, 2019         Level 7/8 State Championships
  • March 15-17, 2019       Level 9/10 State Championships
  • April 6-7, 2019              Level 7/8 Regional Championships
  • April 12-14, 2019          Level 9/10 Regional Championships
2017 June 5 Vermont USA Gymnastics Meeting will be held Tuesday July 11th at Northern Lights Gymnastics at 4:30pm
2017 May 18 Important Information from USA Gymnastics

2017 National Gymnastics Day is September 16

2017 National Gymnastics Day is September 16! Celebrate our sport across the state and region by posting National Gymnastics Day information on your website.

Visit for more information.
The USA Gymnastics Safe Sport program

USA Gymnastics is committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all members. The USA Gymnastics Safe Sport program provides educational resources for parents, coaches, judges, clubs and athletes to promote a safe environment for children.

Visit for more information.
The 2017 National Congress and Trade Show

The 2017 National Congress and Trade Show is in Anaheim, Calif. August 17-19. Register today at

The 2017 Regional Congress


Build for Tomorrow at one of the 2017 Regional Congresses! Register today at
2017 May 17 Note from Annie Heffernon - USA Gymnastics Women’s JO Program Director

There are marketing materials circulating in the community regarding a 2018 Xcel Championships Invitational in Tennessee. It is important to understand that this invitational is NOT supported or endorsed by USA Gymnastics as an official Championship of any kind. The qualification requirements to this event ARE NOT governed by USA Gymnastics Women’s Rules and Policies. The athletes competing in the competition are participating in an Invitational, NOT a USA or National Championship.
2017 May 10       Regal Gymnastics Academy is the Vermont Club of the Year
2017 March 28 Age groups for Level 9 and 10

Level 9 JR           Level 9 SR           Level 10
2017 March 18 All Results from State Meet are posted
2017 March 12 Results from Groovin are posted
2017 March 8 Vermont State Meet 2017
Bellows Falls Union High School. 406 Union High School Rd Westminster VT

Saturday March 18
Session 1
Xcel Silver

10:30 am Open stretch
10:45 am March in
11:45 am Awards

Session 2
Xcel Gold, Platinum

12:30 pm Open Stretch
12:45 pm March in
  2:15 pm Awards

Session 3
Level 7, 8, 9, 10

3:15 pm Open Stretch
3:30 pm March in
5:45 pm Awards

Session 4
Level 5

6:45 pm Open Stretch
7:00 pm March in
8:00 pm Awards

Sunday March 19
Session 5
Level 3

  8:00 am Open Stretch
  8:15 am March in
11:15 am Awards

Session 6
Level 4

12:30 pm Open Stretch
12:45 pm March In
  3:00 pm Awards
Session 7
Level 6

4:00 pm Open Stretch
4:15 pm March in
6:00 pm Awards
Admission: Adults - $8, 2 for $15. Kids are $5

Performance Photography will take pictures during State Meet. He was at the Hip Hop Meet this year, so many of you have met him.
2017 March 5 Results from Sectional meet 3 are posted
2017 March 5 Results from I love Vermont are posted
2017 Feb 28 Congratulations to Jen Durgin - the winner of one week of Dunkley's Gymnastics Camp.
The winner was drawn from all the raffle tickets sold during Green Mountain Invitational meet.
2017 Feb 25 Results from Hip Hop Classic are posted
2017 Feb 11 Green Mountain Invitation All Results are posted
2017 Feb 7 USA Gymnastics Region 6 The 2017 Winter Newsletter
2017 Jan 31 Green Mountain Invitational schedule
2017 Jan 28 Sunrise Snowflake 2017 Meet Results are posted
2017 Jan 15 Royal Meet at Regal Results are posted
2017 Jan 12 Groovin’ Classic Northern Lights March 12 Information
2017 Jan 4 Attention Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Judges and Meet Directors:
Effective January 1, 2017, the rate for mileage reimbursement for judges is $0.53 per mile to reflect the recent decrease in the IRS standard mileage rate for 2017
2016 Dec 31 CONCUSSION - Play it safe

Signs observed by the coaching staff & Symptoms reported by athlete. Action Plan
2016 Dec 11 Sectional meet 1 at Regal results are posted
2016 Nov 22 Candy Land Invitational LeStudio Gymnastics results are posted
2016 Nov 22 Harvest Classic results are posted
2016 Nov 1 Candy Corn Classic 2016 Results - Central Vermont Gymnastics Academy
2016 Oct 7 New Online Judges' Course Now Available!

J416: Level 9 Composition is an online video course. The goal of this course is to train judges and coaches to identify compositional requirements for Level 9 Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise and to apply deductions correctly. Starting with a review of the compositional considerations, the course then presents theoretical routines (in symbols) to review the appropriate deductions, and then 6-8 routine videos are followed by symbols and deductions.
Once the course is complete, Judges are able to print a one-time/one-hour of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit.
2016 Sep 21 State meeting information
2016 Sep 12       2016 / 2017 Invitational meets information

2016 Nov 19-20 Harvest Classic Northern Lights

2016 Dec 3-4 Candy Land Invitation Le Studio

2017 Jan 14-15 Royal Classic Regal

2017 Jan 28-29 Sunrise Snowflake Invitation Sunrise

2016 Aug 4 USA Gymnastics selects sites for J.O. championships in 2017
2016 Aug 2 2016-2017 Women’s Program Rules and Policies
2016 July 22 USA Gymnastics Region 6 Newsletter summer 2016
2016 July 19 National Gymnaastics Day September 17

National Gymnastics Day website       Member Club Grant Application Form

New Guide to Gymnastics
Member Club Legislative Advocacy
2016 July 18 USA Gymnastics EVENT PHOTO & VIDEO POLICY
Limitations on Activity, Unauthorized Use, and Distribution

For considerations of liability, participant safety, and overall event enjoyment, family members/coaches are permitted to photograph and/or video their participant only from the designated spectator seating areas so as to not interfere with nor disrupt:
  • any portion of the event
  • event participants and their performance
  • the intended use of public areas
  • the viewing ability of others
All photos and videos taken during the event must be for personal use only.
Unauthorized commercial use, sale, or third party distribution of photos and videos from this event is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from USA Gymnastics. Violators are subject to immediate removal from the event and potentially held liable for any damage, or perceived damage, associated with the violation.
Prohibited Equipment: No Monopod, No Tripod, No Telephoto Lens greater than 6 inches or 200mm.
For the safety of the athletes, No Camera Flash is allowed during the event
2016 July 13 State meeting will be held at NLG on July 27th at 4:30 pm
2016 June 29 Gail McGann Vermont State Service Award winner
2016 May 16
2016 Apr 2 2016 Vermont State Meet Results
2016 Apr 1
2016 Apr 1 Risk Management Safety course
Gail will run a course for new coaches and renewals on June 13th at Cobra Gymnastics in Rutland, VT. This will begin at 4:30 PM. The course is up on the website to register. Go to Click on Women, go to left hand column for education. U101 course. You can also register by snail mail, download a form. The course code is GM06132016VT. It is helpful for everyone to register in advance. Of course, walk-ins are accepted but it is time consuming with the paperwork on site. Try to register online, if you have questions on fees, call the USA office.

NAWGJ Newsletter Spring 2016
2016 March 23 Vermont State Meet   Bellows Falls Union High School

Saturday April 2
Session 1
Xcel Bronze & Silver

10:30 am Open stretch
10:45 am March in
12:00 pm Awards

Session 2
Xcel Gold, Platinum, Diamond

12:45 pm Open Stretch
1:00 pm March in
2:45 pm Awards

Session 3
Level 6

3:45 pm Open Stretch
4:00 pm March in
5:20 pm Awards

Session 4
Level 7, 8, 9

6:00 pm Open Stretch
6:15 pm March in
8:30 pm Awards

Sunday April 3
Session 5
Level 5

8:00 am Open Stretch
8:15 am March in
9:15 am Awards

Session 6
Level 3

9:45 am Open Stretch
10:00 am March In
1:30 pm Awards
Session 7
Level 4

2:30 pm Open Stretch
2:45 pm March in
5:15 pm Awards
Admission: Adults - $8, 2 for $15. Kids 5-14 are $5
2016 Mar 19 2016 Green Mountain Invitational All Results are posted
2016 March 10 Green Mountain Invitational - Mardi Gras

Saturday March 19
Session 1
Xcel Bronze and Silver

08:00 am Open Stretch
08:15 am March in
10:30 am Awards
Session 2
Xcel Gold, Platinum, Diamond

11:15 am Open Stretch
11:30 am March in
0 3:45 pm Awards
Session 3
Level 5

4:30 pm Open Stretch
4:45 pm March in
5:45 pm Awards
Session 4
Level 7-10

6:15 pm Open Stretch
6:30 pm March in
9:30 pm Awards

Sunday March 20
Session 5
Level 6

08:00 am Open Stretch
08:15 am March in
10:15 am Awards
Session 6
Level 3 CVG, CVT, COB, RGA

10:45 am Open Stretch
11:00 am March in
02:00 pm Awards
Session 7
Level 3 Small Teams

2:45 pm Open Stretch
3:00 pm March in
5:00 pm Awards
Session 8
Level 4

5:30 pm Open Stretch
5:45 pm March in
8:45 pm Awards
2016 Mar 04 2016 Hip Hop Classic results are posted
2016 Feb 28 Groovin’ Classic 2016 results are posted
2016 Feb 26

Qualifying Scores & Age groups for States

  • Will be included in the state meet, they can also attend sectionals
  • Age groups: 5-7, 8-10, 11/12, 13/14, 15-18, 19+
  • Qualifying score: 32.0 to states
  • Event specialist qualifying score 8.0
Level 3
  • Will be allowed to go to sectionals if they want to
  • Age groups: 5-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12+
  • Qualifying score: 31.0 to states, at a sectional or any meet that is sanctioned
Level 4
  • Age groups: 6-8, 9/10, 11, 12+
  • Qualifying score: sectional 29.0, states 31.0
Level 5
  • Age groups: 7-10, 11, 12, 13+
  • Qualifying score: Sectionals 29.0, states 31.0
Level 6
  • Age groups: 8-10, 11/12, 13/14, 15+
  • Qualifying score: States - 31.0
  • Event qualifying score is 8.0
Level 7
  • Age groups: 8-10, 11/12, 13/14, 15+
  • Qualifying score: States 32.0
  • Event qualifying score is 8.0
Level 8
  • Age groups: 8-11, 12, 13/14, 15+
  • Qualifying score: States 32.0
  • Event qualifying score is 8.0
Level 9 & 10
  • Age groups: determined later
  • Qualifying score: States 32.0
  • Level 9, 10 event qualifying score is 8.25
More information from State meeting 2015
2016 Feb 18 Jill G Vanderpot is running for the SACC position - please make sure your nominations are done by March 1st.
Nomination forms are available on the Region 6 website as well as on the facebook page.
2016 Feb 8 Sectional 2 results are posted
2016 Jan 28 Region 6 USA Gymnastics 2016 Winter Newsletter
2016 Jan 27 Sectional 2 at LeStudio on Feb 7th
Session 1
Xcel for NLG and LeStudio
Level 4,5 for Regal
Level 6,8 for Central Vermont
Level 3,4,5 for Kingdom

8:00 am Open stretch
8:15 am March in
8:25 am Warm up and Compete
11:45 am Awards

Session 2
Level 3 for Regal
Level 3,5 for NLG
Level 3,4,5 for Central VT
Xcel for Cobra

12:15 pm Open Stretch
12:30 pm March in
12:40 pm Warm up and Compete
4:30 pm Awards

Session 3
Sunrise, GMG, Brattleboro and Level 3,4 for Cobra (2 squads)

5:00 pm Open Stretch
5:15 pm March in
5:25 pm Warm up and Compete
7:30 pm Awards

2016 Jan 10 Sunrise Snowflake results are posted
2016 Jan 19 Sunrise Snowflake meet at Sunrise Gymnastics Sunday Jan 24
Session 1
Level 3-6

9:00 am Open warm-up
9:15 am Timed Warm-up
9:40 am March-in
1:00 pm Awards
Session 2
Xcel & Level 3-4 CVGA

1:30 pm Open warm-up
1:45 pm Timed Warm-up
2:20 pm March-in
5:30 pm Awards
2016 Jan 11 Groovin’ Classic at Northern Lights Gymnastics February 28 Information
2016 Jan 10 11th Royal Classic results are posted
2016 Jan 05 Attention Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Judges and Meet Directors:
Effective January 1, 2016, the rate for mileage reimbursement for judges is $0.54 per mile to reflect the recent decrease in the IRS standard mileage rate for 2016.
2015 Dec 17 Royal meet at Regal Gymnastics

Saturday Jan 9th, 2016

Session 1
Levels 7, 8, 9, 10
8:30 am Open Stretch

Session 2
JO Level 6, Xcel Platinum and Diamond
12:30 pm Open Stretch

Session 3
Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold
5:00 pm Open Stretch

Sunday Jan 10th, 2016

Session 4
Levels 4, 5
8:30am Open Stretch

Session 5
Level 3
1:00 pm Open Stretch

2015 Dec 13 Sectional No 1 2015/2016 Results are posted
2015 Dec 03 Candy Land Invite 2015 Results are posted
2015 Dec 03 Harvest Classic Results are posted
2015 Dec 2 Sectional 1 at Kingdom Gymnastics on Sunday Dec 13
Session 1
CVT(2 sq), SR (2 sq), KG (L 4,5), NLG

08:30 am - Open stretch
08:45 am - Timed warm up
09:00 am - March in
11:45 am - Awards

Session 2
GMG, CVG, WA, KG (level 3)

12:45 pm - Open stretch
01:00 pm - Timed warm up
01:15 pm - March in
04:00 pm - Awards
2015 Nov 30 Candy Land Invite 2015 Sessions Schedule
2015 Nov 12 Green Mountain Invitational 2016
2015 Nov 11 Information about Sectional Meets and Green Mountain Invitational 2016
2015 Nov 3 Harvest Classic Northern Lights Gymnastics
Saturday Nov 21

Xcel - warm up/compete format
12:30 pm - open stretch
12:45 pm - timed warm up
01:00 pm - march in
03:30 pm - awards

Level 5, 7, 8, 9 - warm up/compete format    
04:30 pm - open stretch
04:45 pm - timed warm up
05:00 pm - march in
07:30 pm - awards
Sunday Nov 22

Level 4
08:00 am - open stretch
08:15 am - timed warm up
08:30 am march in
10:15 am awards

Level 3
11:15 am - open stretch
11:30 am - timed warm up
11:45 am - march in
02:30 pm - awards

Level 6
3:45 pm - open stretch
4:00 pm - timed warm up
4:15 pm - march in
6:15 pm - awards
2015 Oct 20
Professional Members whose Safety Certification expires July 31, 2016 can register and renew starting today! Members can renew up to one year prior to expiration. The new expiration date will be July 31, 2020

2015 Sep 27 NAWGJ Vermont Update September 2015
2015 Sep 23 State meeting 2015
2015 Sep 23 Meet calendar for 2015/2016 season

Nov 21-22 Harvest MeetNorthern Lights Gymnastics
Dec 5-6Candy Land meetLeStudio Gymnastics
Dec 13Sectional meet Nr 1Kingdom Gymnastics
Jan 9-10Royal meetRegal Gymnastics
Jan 24Sunrise SnowflakeSunrise Gymnastics
Feb 7Sectional meet Nr 2LeStudio Gymnastics
Feb 13-14I love VermontChamplain Valley Gymnastics
Feb 28Groovin’ ClassicNorthern Lights Gymnastics
March 4-6Hip Hop meetWoodman Athletics
March 19-20   Green Mountain Inv. & Sectional Nr 3       Green Mountain
Apr 2-3State ChampionshipsTBA
Mark your calendar for

The 17th annual National Gymnastics Day

on Saturday, September 19th, 2015
All gymnasts, coaches, gymnastics schools and fans are invited to celebrate the sport of gymnastics.
Show your salute! Submit photos to the USA Gymnastics Facebook page and post on Twitter and Instagram. Please post photos of celebrations using #NGD2015.
2015 Aug 19 NAWGJ Newsblast
2015 July 31 NAWGJ Newsletter 2015 Summer
2015 July 7 State Service Award recipient is

Robin Bourdeau

from Green Mountain Gymnastics for her hosting of the Green Mountain Invitational Meet. Thanks for your service and Congratulations!

(Pictured with husband and co-owner Gary)
2015 June 2 Vermont gymnasts at 2015 Regional Championships

      Congratulations to 2015 Xcel Gold Regional Vault Champion Ellie Quintin of Regal!
      Congratulations to 2015 Regional Champion Maci Prescott from LeStudio!
2015 May 4 Congratulations to girls from Regal Gymnastics competing at Regionals!
  • Level 9 - Eva Phair 4th on Vault and 8th All Around, qualifying as the 1st alternate to Eastern Nationals
  • Level 8 - Katherine Reeves- 2nd on Beam
  • Level 7 - Delaney Miller-Bottoms 4th on Vault and 6th on Beam
  • Level 7 - Ashley Poulin 4th on Bars, 6th on Beam and 6th All Around
2015 Mar 24 ProStar Team Camp organized by Regal Gymnastics Academy July 9-12
A technically-focused training camp for athletes and coaches who strive to get a head start on the 2015/2016 season. Open invitation to athletes level 6+ and training optional, and Xcel platinum & diamond.
2015 Mar 22 All Results State meet are posted
2015 Mar 7 State meet schedule is posted
2015 Mar 7 Green Mountain Invitational Meet All Results are posted
2015 Feb 27 2015 Hip Hop Classic Woodman Athletics Brattleboro Results are posted
2015 Feb 24 Green Mountain Invitational   March 7-8   Schedule is posted
2015 Feb 10 The web sites for the 2015 JO Events are up and running. As of today, you will find basic information for each event. As the hosts gather their information, we will continue to add content.
Annie Heffernon (USA Gymnastics Women’s JO Program Director
2015 Feb 09 Sectional Meet Nr 2 Results are posted
2015 Jan 12 Candy Land Invitational Meet Results are posted
2015 Jan 28 Sectional meet Nr 2 Woodman Athletics Sunday Feb 8, 2015

Session 1
NLG, CVT, Sunrise, Brattleboro,
WA level 4

8:00-8:15   open stretch
8:15   march in
8:25   warm up and competition
11:15   awards

Session 2
Regal, Cobra Comp, Kingdom,
GMG, WA level 3

12:15-1:00   open stretch
1:00   march in
1:10   warm up and competition
2:30   awards

Session 3
NLG xcel, Cobra Xcel, CVT Opt,
WA Opt and xcel

3:30-3:45   open stretch
3:45   march in
3:50   warm up and competition
5:30   awards

2015 Jan 12 Royal Classic Meet Results are posted
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