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January 2008 NAWGJ News Update

January 2008 NAWGJ News Update

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a great competitive gymnastics season.
Please read all the information carefully and respond if necessary or mark your calendars.

  Please renew your USAG memberships well in advance. We do not want any problems with an expired member serving on a sanctioned meet. Also, as you know, background checks are in order. I have mine completed already, it did take about six weeks. I strongly urge each and everyone to do your background check now and do not wait for your renewal date. This fall, I forwarded where to go on the USA web site but it is pretty easy to find. If you have difficulties, I did forward information from Kathy Feldmann on how to handle downloads if your computer does not respond. If there are any questions, just call the office at 1-800-345-4719, you will receive assistance.

  The following meets do not have start times as of yet. Hruska's Royal Invitational, Feb. Sectional, Woodman's Invitational in Feb., March Sectional, South of the Border and States. Since I will be out of the state each weekend in January, it is necessary that you get your information to me so I can notify the judges or respond to each of them directly. Many want to make church service plans around the meets and ferry plans so let's make all those TBA's confirmed times. Just a heads up, if you email me on a Friday prior to meet, I will have no way to check that information and get it to the judges so please, please, stay on top of this. Thanks. (Actually, according to page 72 of R & P, any changes results in a $1 per judge for the change) This reinforces the need to have set meet times and rotations when requesting judges. We are a small state, I am flexible, but please keep this in mind. There is no charge if you contact the judges directly to make changes but you must also contact me so I am aware of contract changes.

Meet Changes or replacements:
  A reminder that there is a $5.00 charge for any judge not reporting by fifteen minutes prior to scheduled march in. If problems, call the site otherwise this amount will be deducted from your paycheck. Good news: we have never had to do this in Vermont!!!

Meet Directors:
  Any changes such as cancellation of judges, a minimum of 7 days notice must be given or the meet director is responsible to pay the official for one session (see page 73 of R & P). Likewise, an official who cannot fulfill the contract due to personal reasons and fails to give seven day notice will pay the host club a session fee. If personal changes arise, contact me to help assist with the proper replacement to avoid this charge. ( Notice that inclement weather and or grave illness are exceptions) Again, this has not been a problem but since I have new meet directors and new judges, it is important you understand your roles.

  Mileage rate for USA meets is 50 cent per mile round trip (-30 if driving alone) beginning Jan. 1st. There is a 30 mile donation for USA Club meets if not carpooling or if there is not a carpool available. If not carpooling, check with the Meet Director as they may NOT pay your mileage. This is not a problem for most of us in Vermont and I understand that for those (often myself) who do not have a carpool, the rules still read that we donate the 30 miles. Remember to make your car pool arrangements well in advance and try to alternate drivers. If weather is a question, call the person with whom you are meeting to let them know you are on your way. I know a few of us do not have cell phones but I am arriving early to meets, it is better to be safe than sorry. Communicate ahead of time as to the latest you should wait for your party to arrive at the car pool area. Winter is upon us, try to leave early to avoid delays.

Compulsory workshop:
  I will set up a compulsory workshop date for the new optional judges and any new individual who would like to learn to judge. This will be a one day clinic and then plenty of practice tests etc. to prepare you to take the compulsory examination. There will not be an optional course this summer. This is the last year of these rules and all will retest the summer of 2009. Any new judges should seek out a 5/6 rating as that will be good until 2013.

  I will do a clinic (sanctioned) in between sessions at the Green Mountain Invitational on both days. All judges, bring your CPE forms so you can add this clinic and the volunteer hours to your CPE (you each have two copies) and you can give your completed one to Marylou that day. Those who have already mailed their CPE to Marylou can bring their copy to add these clinic hours.

Green Mountain Invitational:
January 26th and 27th at St. Michael's College in Winooski.

Judges for optionals on Saturday:
Vault: Laura and Amanda
Bars: Gail and Patty
Beam Kara and Nancy
Floor: Marylou and Jody
Sunday, compulsories:
Vault: Gail with Becca / Katy (one will time when not judging)
Bars: Marylou/Kara and Ashley
Beam: Allison and Jenna
Floor: Ruth and Kim

If Jobi is able to come, we will work her into an event also. Times are not set as of yet.
Themed meet: Haunting so come in costume.
The judges also bring dishes for pot luck, I will provide 3 cases of water and plates, napkins, plastic ware.
Times are not available yet for Green Mt. Invitational.

  Since I do not have a cell phone and cannot make long distance calls from my school, the quickest and most efficient method to communicate is via email. Please check your email daily, Thanks so much.

Let's have a great New Year!! Go Vermont!!

Respectfully submitted:

Gail McGann, SJD